My Top 10 Bands

Like the character in Nick Hornby’s Hi Fidelity, I love making lists. Especially music lists. It’s a ridiculous thing to do really – trying to fit something as subjective as one’s music tastes into a definitive list of ‘the best’. So, in that spirit, I don’t take these lists very seriously. But I do enjoy making them. Of course, music magazines live by them and often seem to take them very seriously. It’s known in the industry as ‘GOAT syndrome’ – as in Greatest Of All Time lists. I guess they sell a lot of magazines that way. But don’t forget (belated stab at respectability!): scholars swear by lists, whether they’re research findings or information in databases. Because lists are good to study.

So here’s my first list for the Swamp (the first of many, hopefully). I’ve tried to represent every era of rock music up to the present, but clearly the Sixties get the lion’s share. I don’t expect everyone to agree with all the items, especially the inclusion of Abba (though I proudly stand by that decision one hundred percent). But I doubt many people will argue with my putting the Beatles in. (I imagine Mick Jagger perhaps making a polite query, arguing for the Stones at pole position – but then I also imagine Keef giving him a good slap on the back of the head to put him back in his place!) I present this more to open up a discussion for other visitors to think about what they would include in their own lists. Please, consider….

The Beatles

The Rolling Stones

The Kinks

The Beach Boys

Creedence Clearwater Revival


The Moody Blues

Led Zeppelin



Here’s a list of some bands that just missed out.

The Smiths

Roxy Music

Velvet Underground

Pearl Jam

Steely Dan

The Go Betweens


The Byrds

The Cramps

Jimi Hendrix Experience

The Clash

The Pixies


Pink Floyd

These selections will no doubt change by the middle of next week. Where’s your list?