The Expanse

UBI on The Expanse

It seems there will be a Universal Basic Income in the future. At least it looks that way in this clip from TV series The Expanse. For a detailed explanation of Universal Basic Income check out Basic Income Australia, an advocacy site for UBI. The Expanse series’ fourth season is about to drop, with a fifth season already given the go-ahead, so it looks like future Basic Income is here to stay. I love it when scifi shows give us a taste of progressive future economics, instead of the usual neo-classic market dystopias.

The Expanse, Syfy Channel

Writer and UBI advocate, Scott Santens, wrote about this back in 2017. It would seem that the books The Expanse is based on flesh out a bit more about the author’s take on future UBI and, according to Santens, it’s not UBI. Check it out at Medium.