Spotify Playlist Ideas #1: 2 Into 1

The history of rock is full of famous double albums. Just think of the Beatles’ White Album, Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland, Dylan’s Blonde On Blonde, the Stones’ Exile On Mainstreet, The Clash’s London Calling or Sandinista (a triple album!), Springsteen’s The River and so on. All of these are fine on their own, but it’s always tempting to do the thought experiment: if they had to be single albums, what songs would you keep (and which would you throw out)? And, most important of all, what would they sound like?

So, let’s find out with some of these suggested selections, shall we?

Single White Album, The Beatles

Half Exile On Mainstreet, The Rolling Stones

The Single River, Bruce Springsteen

Single Tusk, Fleetwood Mac

Goodbye Yellow Brick Half-road, Elton John

Single Fantasy, John Lennon

Single Sandinista, The Clash