Make your own movie edit!

As movie viewers, we no longer have to put up with films as they are. We don’t have to be passive about the movies we watch. We can engage with them either as critics, or in the most creative way possible – we can change them. If something about them, the plot, or the characters doesn’t seem to work for us, we can change them for the ‘better’. And we need not concern ourselves with the sensibilities of the film-makers involved whose precious works we are illicitly meddling with, because they’re not likely to know about our meddling!

With the proliferation of cheap video editing software these days it’s easy to take a film and edit it to something else. Lots of people are doing it: just check out what’s been done to the film Passengers, which a lot of people were dissatisfied with, story-wise. In fact, I did my own edit of that film, which I’ll detail within one of the links of this post.

Of course, it takes a fairly obsessive personality to be driven to this sort of drastic action, and to learn how to use video editing software (it’s not as hard as it seems – unless you try something involved like Premier Pro), but some of us have done it. Here are some of the films yours truly has meddled with, including details of what I changed and why. I hope it inspires you to think critically about the films you watch, and consider changing them. Because, in this post-McLuhan age, everything’s up for grabs!

  • Passengers
  • The Man Who Fell To Earth
  • The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug/The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies
  • Hi Fidelity

A quiet disclaimer: please make sure to edit only officially purchased movies, and only show them privately and not for profit, to avoid the copyright cops. But by all means, let us know about your efforts!