Electropop Sounds

Once upon a time rock was dead and electropop was in. It didn’t stay that way for long, as it turned out rock wasn’t quite dead it was just morphing into a whole bunch of other sub-genres, including electropop. Magneto Grrrl remembers how it was and programs for you on Swamp Radio the electro sounds she is so clearly hard-wired into. Bzzzzz!

Magneto Grrrl

Sample playlist:

  • Troublesome Bubblegum – Electrocute
  • Heartbeat – Annie
  • Black Cherry – Goldfrapp
  • We Don’t Play Guitars – Chicks On Speed
  • To the East – Electrelane
  • Graveyard Girl – M83
  • Wow and Flutter – Stereolab
  • Around the World – Daft Punk
  • The Inch – Peaches
  • Rome Wasn’t Built In a Day – Morcheeba
  • For You – TV Girl
  • Before We Begin – Broadcast
  • Hey Boy, Hey Girl – Chemical Brothers
  • Smack My Bitch Up – Prodigy