Garage Rock

It was the sixties and the Beatles had invaded the US. It was time to start a band in your dad’s garage. You put out one badly recorded single that no one played, but it was brilliant. Then you disappeared…Rick Dangerfield remembers you, and has that single! He will play it and as many other damned classic grungy garage tunes from the sixties as he can get his hands on. Thank god for Pebbles, and Nuggets, and Back From the Grave, and Girls in the Garage and all them other garage compilations, or we’d have lost this classic stuff. Featured exclusively on Swamp Radio.

RIck Dangerfield

Sample playlist:

  • Generation – Jelly Bean Bandits
  • Going All the Way – the Squires
  • You Treat Me Bad – The Ju-Ju’s
  • It’s Cold Outside – the Choir
  • Suicidal Flowers – Crystal Chandelier
  • Why – the Dirty Wurds
  • The Way I Feel – the 12 AM
  • I Want, Need, Love You – Black Diamonds
  • Undecided – Masters Apprentices
  • Lies – the Knickerbockers
  • Action Woman – the Litter
  • Rat’s Revenge pt 2 – the Rats