Metal Maniacs

Thor Hammer loves heavy metal. I guess with a name like that he would have to. He will play for you all the metal genres and sub genres, from folk/lounge/death/grunge, to thrash to black Norwegian with a little bit of German polka thrown in for good measure. However, he is partial to doom and stoner, and he loves them goth metal bands with the mega babe singers in them: you know, Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil, etc. Thor reckons that combination of metal with the feminine is the perfect mix, the perfect balance. See him slow dance to some doom here on Swamp Radio.

Thor Hammer

Sample playlist:

  • Edge of the World – Within Temptation
  • Clear Windowpane – St Vitus
  • Jug Fulla Sun – Spirit Caravan
  • Pictures of Home – Deep Purple
  • Lesson In Violence – Exodus
  • Beyond the Great Vast Forest – Emperor
  • Creeping Death – Metallica
  • Spiral Architect – Black Sabbath
  • River Styx – Sentience
  • Redneck – Lamb of God
  • The Drapery Falls – Opeth
  • The House of Shame – Lacuna Coil
  • One Inch Man – Kyuss
  • The Calm That Was the Storm – Chalice
  • Blue Snow – Orange Goblin
  • Funeralopolis – Electric Wizard