The Swamp is based in Australia, so expect us to feature a program on our very own music. It seems only fair. Rui and Russ, moonlighting from their podcast duties for Swamp Radio, bring you lots of great Australian music, mostly from the eighties onward, including the latest by Camp Cope and other great new indie bands and everything in between. Cold Chisel, The Dingoes, Underground Lovers, the Clouds, Hoodoo Gurus, Men At Work, Matt Finish, and some you may never have heard. There may even be some New Zealand stuff as well, like Split Enz, Dragon and so forth.

Sample playlist:

  • Keep Growing – Camp Cope
  • Boss Bitch – Lazertits
  • I Was Right – Underground Lovers
  • Fears of Gun – Birthday Party
  • Twin Layers of Lightning – Go Betweens
  • Region Unknown – The Triffids
  • 4AM – The Clouds
  • Clair De Lune – Flight Facilities
  • All These Things – Darren Hanlon
  • We Will Run – Sarah Blasko
  • Cheer Me Up, Thank You – New Buffalo
  • Falling – Moonsign
  • Under the Milky Way – The Church
  • Overkill – Men at Work
  • Short Note – Matt Finish
  • Damascus Road – The Dingoes
  • Look After Yourself – Stars
  • One Long Day (live) – Cold Chisel
  • Berserk Warriors – Mental As Anything