Prog Mania

Baltus Malthus delivers the prog stuff here on Swamp Radio. It’s Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, some Moody Blues, Floyd, Rick Wakeman, Gentle Giant, ELP…you know the drill. There’s even some newer prog from Opeth and Radiohead and other bands who have embraced the incense and bong water. Get conceptual.

Sample playlist:

  • Cinema Show – Genesis
  • Epitaph – King Crimson
  • And You And I – Yes
  • Great Gig In the Sky – Pink Floyd
  • Merlin – Rick Wakeman
  • Lucky Man – ELP
  • Long Summer Days – Moody Blues
  • Deliverance – Opeth
  • Spiderwood Farm – Purson
  • Curator of Butterflies – Big Big Train
  • Clouds – Gandalf’s Fist