Single White Album, The Beatles

Geez, how do you whittle down this album? George Martin suggested at the time of its release that it should have been a single album, but the Beatles, Paul McCartney in particular, have insisted it was fine as it was. Hard to disagree with him. But yeah, there are some things here that could in all probability go. Exhibit A would be Revolution #9. I mean, who actually listens to that track? And what about Paul’s Honey Pie? I’ll admit, over the years, I’ve grown to like it, but let’s admit it: it’s pure fluff.

This being the Beatles, the ground rules are a little complicated, but bear with me. We’ll allow for fourteen tracks, no more, no less (there are 30 tracks on the original album in all). Six of them must be from John, six must be from Paul, the other two either from George, or include the one by Ringo (if you must!). Speaking of Ringo, there’s a wild card and that is that one song must be sung by him. That of course means either Don’t Pass Me By or Goodnight must be included. Not a hard decision, in my opinion, as I really rate Goodnight. Beautiful song. But of course it uses up one of John’s songs, so there is that.

Here’s the list I’ve come up with:

  • Back In the USSR
  • The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill
  • While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  • Happiness Is a Warm Gun
  • Martha My Dear
  • Blackbird
  • Piggies
  • Rocky Raccoon
  • Julia
  • Yer Blues
  • Mother Nature’s Son
  • Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except for Me and My Monkey
  • Helter Skelter
  • Goodnight

What do you mean you don’t like it, and where’s Obla Di Obla Da and I’m So Tired? Fuck off…! Funny thing is, you could take all the tracks I’ve left off to make a ‘Shitty White Album’, and it still wouldn’t be very shitty at all!