Sucking In the Seventies

For those of us who actually experienced the Seventies, it didn’t really suck. It was a good time, with lots of good memories there. The music was the soundtrack to our young lives when we sprouted hair in funny places, discovered girls, and hormones were raging and confusion reigned. It was also a decade of musical discovery. Stewie Stardust spins the discs and remembers Led Zeppelin, Abba, Bowie, glam rock, disco, the sunshine pop of Bread and John Denver and that little girl he rejected who had a crush on him. Special eps will highlight all ten of those years in detail, the music, the news, the happenings. Where are you now, little girl? Stewie is full of regret…On Swamp Radio.

Stewie Stardust

Sample playlist:

  • Hot Love – T Rex
  • Action – The Sweet
  • Glycerine Queen – Suzi Quatro
  • Voulez Vous – Abba
  • Rock the Boat – Hues Corporation
  • I Never Can Say Goodbye – Gloria Gaynor
  • Pop Muzak – M
  • Heroes – David Bowie
  • Trampled Underfoot – Led Zeppelin
  • Highway Star – Deep Purple
  • Paranoid – Black Sabbath
  • Sorrow – David Bowie
  • Seasons In the Sun – Terry Jacks
  • Locomotion – Grand Funk
  • My Coo Ca Choo – Alvin Stardust
  • Everything I Own – Bread
  • Dreams Are Ten A Penny – Kincaid
  • My Eyes Adored You – Frankie Valli