Swinging Sixties

The Sixties were choc-a-block with great sounds, from the Beatles and their British cohorts to the US bands like Beach Boys, Byrds, Doors, CCR and others. And so many great pop hits, so many wonderful singers and sounds. Soul, girl groups, psych, garage, blah! Too much to fit in, but groovy DJ Miss Ritzi Goldfarb will try to manage it here on Swamp Radio.

Sample playlist:

  • Don’t Sleep In the Subway – Petula Clark
  • Wherefor and Why – Gordon Lightfoot
  • I Can Make It With You – Pozo Seco Singers
  • Ciao Baby – Lynn Randall
  • Don’t Worry Baby – Beach Boys
  • Good Morning Good Morning – Beatles
  • End of the Night – The Doors
  • Penthouse Pauper – Creedence
  • Eloise – Barry Ryan
  • It’s Not Easy – Normie Rowe