The New Wave

For anyone who was there (and host, Howard Wire was), the post-punk scene of the late seventies and early eighties was a pretty exciting time for music. Interesting new bands like Magazine and artists like Lene Lovich were bursting out  everywhere and FM and community radio stations were really taking off. It was underground alternative music to our ears here at Swamp Radio.

Howard Wire

Sample playlist:

  • Talk In ’79 – Philip Lynott (show theme song)
  • Radio Radio – Elvis Costello
  • Science Friction – XTC
  • Lucky Number – Lene Lovich
  • Precious – The Pretenders
  • Celia – The Motels
  • In the Heat of the Night – Pat Benatar
  • Train In Vain – The Clash
  • Up and Over – Pearl Harbor and the Explosions
  • The Shape of Things To Come – The Headboys
  • Strange Man Changed Man – Bram Tchaikovsky
  • Get Outta Here – Thin Lizzy
  • King’s Lead Hat – Brian Eno
  • Being Boiled – Human League
  • Rip Her To Shreds – Blondie
  • Air – Talking Heads