The Swamp Podcast

Welcome to the Swamp Podcast. Your hosts are Russ and Rui. We crap on…uh, talk knowledgeably and entertainingly about all things pop culture and whatever else is on our minds here. Expect talk about movies, TV, music, books, media, concerts and the latest trends and news, including some politics. We recently hosted our fiftieth podcast, so there’s plenty to choose from. This is presently hosted by our friends at Jump in!

Swamp Podcast 30: Bob Dylan, Dr Who, Whovians, Revolution In the Air, Clinton Heylin

Swamp Podcast 29: Vinyl tv show, Underground Lovers, media bias

Swamp Podcast 28: Eric Berne, Games People Play, Joe South

Swamp Podcast 27: 13 Reasons Why, The Walking Dead, Elon Musk, David Bowie, The Beach Boys

Swamp Podcast 26: Beatniks, Goldfrapp, Captain Beefheart, Jack Kerouac

Swamp Podcast 25: Dr Who, Rage, Underground Lovers, Yassmin Abdul Magied

Swamp Podcast 24: Star Wars franchise, The Hobbit movies

Swamp Podcast 23: Dr Who, Ned Kelly, Buffy and Philosophy, Kate Bush

Swamp Podcast 22: Jean Luc Godard, Marxism Conference, Ghost in the Shell, Ken Loach

Swamp Podcast 21: Best Albums of the Eighties edition

Swamp Podcast 20: Cult Fiction, Jeanette Winterson, James M Cain, Alain de Botton

Swamp Podcast 19: Thirteenth film, Black Lives Matter, Russ Meyer, Nick Drake, David Bowie

Swamp Podcast 18: Mass Effect, Carl Jung, Lords of Chaos book, Minipops book

Swamp Podcast 17: Democracy at Work, 3RRR exhibition, Vikings tv show, Alien Covenant

Swamp Podcast 16: Richard Linklater, Paul Goodman, Slacker film, The Going Away Party

Swamp Podcast 15: Vikings tv show, Star Trek Enterprise, Terrorizer magazine

Swamp Podcast 14: Behind the Rock book, The Rajahs, the Australian Beatles

Swamp Podcast 13: Bob Dylan, Yes Tales of Topographic Oceans, Greg Lake, Posse From Hell film

Swamp Podcast 12: Passengers film, Lazertits, I Daniel Blake film

Swamp Podcast 11: Camp Cope, David Bowie, Fear of the Walking Dead, Four Futures book

Swamp Podcast 10: Vintage Rock mag, The Beach Boys, Radio 3RRR, Moonsign, Best American Bands

Swamp Podcast 9: Loomio, Sinclair Lewis, Robert Forster, Grant and I book, Quentin Beresford

Swamp Podcast 8: Arrival film, Devil Girl From Mars, Game of Thrones, Lazertits, Leon Russell

Swamp Podcast 7: Grover’s Mill, Leonard Cohen, Smashwords, Star Trek Wrath of Khan, The Apartment

Swamp Podcast 6: The Music Goes Round My Head book, Kindle Scout program, Normie Rowe

Swamp Podcast 5: Mazzy Star, Underground Lovers, Deceptive Bends, Vinyldistrict, Crop Top

Swamp Podcast 4: An American In Paris, Rosehaven, Lacuna Coil, Jason Charles Button

Swamp Podcast 3: Beatles Eight Days a Week film, Soundcloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, Machinimas

Swamp Podcast 2: TED talks, Blockchain, Star Wars Cookbook, Maureen McCormick

Swamp Podcast 1: The Long Tail book, Robert Forster, Decline of Western Civilization film