Velvet Underground Lovers

The Velvets inspired a slew of bands to emulate their cool, classic sound, including Melbourne’s own Underground Lovers. Maureen (Mo) Spirelli spins the Velvets and the Undies and anything else she can find that sounds like either of those bands, including Lou Reed and John Cale solo and Vince and Glen’s many side projects. This means anything from Mazzy Star, Red Sun Band, Yo La Tengo, Unrest and others. All on Swamp Radio.

Mo Spirelli

Features tracks:

  • I Heard Her Call My Name – Velvet Underground
  • Weak Will – Underground Lovers
  • Someone I Care About – The Modern Lovers
  • John Cage Bubblegum – Stereolab
  • Heartbreaker – Red Sun Band
  • Femme Fatale – The Slits
  • Almost Prayed – The Weather Prophets
  • Suki – Unrest
  • Blue Light – Mazzy Star
  • Kiss Off – Violent Femmes
  • Halloween – Dream Syndicate
  • Cherry Chapstick – Yo La Tengo
  • All Tomorrow’s Parties – Nico
  • Waves of Fear – Lou Reed
  • Mercenaries – John Cale
  • GBVG – Platitudes and Cigarettes