What this site’s about

Yep, this is another blog all about pop culture. So what, big deal, right? What makes this one different from the rest? I hear you ask. Well firstly, Hi, I’m your host, Russell, and I’m a former Media Studies high school teacher of thirty years experience and soon to be library technician. I guess this gives me some claim to knowing something about the media – that and the fact I’m a pop culture junkie, an Otaku (as the Japanese might call me), a nerd boy full of fan trivia. But, more importantly, I’d say the reason this blog exists (and why you should visit it) is because it has a unique perspective on the whole pop culture/media phenomenon.

Basically, pop culture has become a swamp. There’s so much of it out there now, from streamed video and music services to the never-ending glut of ‘independent’ authors (yours truly has contributed to that glut, by the way!). And that’s just talking about the new media, let alone the ‘old’ media of records, cinemas and print. There’s so much stuff to wade through. How to do it? Well, this site will offer tips and strategies for surviving, and maybe even thriving, in the swamp that is pop culture. Believe me, I know a thing or two about how to stay afloat in that stew!

Besides the many posts that will appear on this site offering advice, there’s also a podcast you can check out, hosted by myself and my occasional partner, Rui. Also, check out the different categories each post will be assigned to for further navigating assistance. Four of them are particularly important. They are the Entertain, Inspire, Inform and Transform categories. Together they represent a progression of participation that I hope can lead to the enlightenment of transformation – or some such pretentious concept! Check them out to get an idea of what I mean.

I’d love your participation, so leave a comment on any post that suits you, or drop us a line via email to ffforden@gmail.com. Why not subscribe?

That’s enough from me. This is the Swamp. Dive in!

Your Host

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