What this site’s about

Marshall McLuhan, that “pop-cult prophet of the electronic age”*, predicted our media consumption style would eventually move from passive consumers to active participants. If only he had lived to see the internet age, he would see it in action. From Twitter to blogs to self-publishing, we have so many opportunities these days to participate in pop culture that it would be a crime not to. One of the great things about it, and the reason for this blog/website, is that by allowing our critical and creative responses we are now in a better position to make sense of the glut, or swamp, of pop culture that is increasingly cluttering our lives and invading our consciousness.

Besides the many posts that will appear on this site offering advice about critical and creative responses to pop culture, there’s also a podcast you can check out, hosted by myself and my occasional partner, Rui. Also, check out the different categories each post will be assigned to for further navigating assistance. Four of them are particularly important. They are the Entertain, Inspire, Inform and Transform categories. Together they represent a progression of participation that I hope can lead to the enlightenment of transformation – or some such pretentious concept! Check them out to get an idea of what I mean.

I’d love your participation, so leave a comment on any post that suits you, or drop us a line via email to ffforden@gmail.com. Why not subscribe?

That’s enough from me. This is the Swamp. Dive in!

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* From blurb in McLuhan, Hot & Cool, edited by G.E. Stearn, 1968, Penguin.